One of the most common problems we solve is how to access your important digital world, anywhere, anytime, and to be accessed securely. We embrace this new approach to digital storage and access, and we’d like to let you know – it’s a LOT cheaper, easier, and most importantly secure than you may think.

The ongoing costs are much cheaper than some cloud based solutions as well. We can scale the solution to meet your needs.

Also, if you’ve got even just a tad bit of “geek” in you, then you know how cool it is to share your digital world with all of your computers, TVs, tablets, smart phones in your office or house. We will walk through your custom solution to fit your needs and devices.

Then next time you’re entertaining clients, or there’s a party at your house, you can show pictures of your latest trip directly on your TV from your file server, or show the same pictures and movies out on your deck on your iPad or tablet or in your office…all at the same time. Cool! 🙂

Contact us for a more detailed conversation and how we can help you meet your needs.